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Asian Full Service Center

Press release

New AFSC manager

Jack Gao succeeded Maurice Beurskens on 1 September as manager of the Asian Full Service Center in Venlo. The AFSC guides and supports Asian companies planning to establish their business in the Venlo region.

The AFSC was created in early 2012, since when it has provided support for various Asian investors. The AFSC was led from the very beginning by Maurice Beurskens, who was responsible for the centre’s successful start-up. Maurice was succeeded on 1 September by Jack Gao, who is also account manager at Munckhof China. Gao: ‘Yes, I will be combining the two jobs, which has many advantages. My work at Munckhof China means that I have many contacts in the Far East and am well-acquainted with the business world in the area. It is also the case that Munckhof and AFSC already work closely together. I can already see lots of possibilities.’

The AFSC provides a comprehensive logistics and business service package to make it easier for Asian businesses who would like to establish their business here to gain their first foothold in Western Europe. This type of professional service is certainly needed, because such companies can find it very difficult to establish themselves in the Netherlands or Western Europe, with the different language, culture and legislation. Which business partners are needed to succeed? The AFSC can provide this support in the form of a one-stop shop, helping Asian investors to come into direct contact with the right companies with the required knowledge and experience. This ensures a smooth, rapid start, saving much valuable time. Included, for example, are services outside the core activity of the newcomer, such as licensing, logistics, business administration, tax, customs, real estate, marketing, human resources and insurance. AFSC takes the Asian partner under its wing and provides full support regarding communication, coordination and the complete start-up process and period of further growth.

The AFSC does not just wait to be contacted by Asian companies, but also organises seminars in the Far East to raise awareness of the opportunities for businesses in the Venlo region.

The AFSC is a non-profit organisation that receives partial funding from the province of Limburg. Its partners are Baat Accountants & Fiscalisten, Seacon Logistics and TWO Chemical Logistics.


Note to the press:

For further information, please contact Jack Gao on (0031) (0)6 4662 2991.

  The Concept


"One-stop business shop" for supporting Asian companies in the complex process of establishing a new company and business abroad.  Asian Full Service Center is your partner for meeting all the conditions for actual startup and growth, creating the value and controlling the process. Asian Full Service Center, with its many partners, extensive purchase experience and local knowledge, can save you time under attractive conditions. Asian Full Service Center is a non-profit organisation and is subsidized in part by the Province of Limburg.

The Location



Asian companies landing in Europe can take advantage of the business environment in the Netherlands. The Venlo region, in the south-east of the Netherlands, is the hotspot for a strategic base to cover Europe.

V alue adding to your products/services;

E ngineering your business environment;

N ew sustainable innovations;

L ogistic hotspot;

O rganised & well-managed.

The Full Service



Meet all requirements. Asian Full Service Center offers a full range of service: licenses, accountancy, tax advise, logistics, human resources, marketing, real estate, facilities, IT and much more. If desired all within your Service Package deal. For each type of service Asian Full Service Center has local partners and suppliers with professionals and international experience. Besides that we offer a Total Solution for e-Commerce in the European market.

The Center



Coordination in one hand. Asian Full Service Center will guide and support you through the entire process of startup. Together we go for the best solution, defined in your Service Package.

The Contact 



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201491日起,高佳川Jack)先生将接替Maurice Beurskens先生出任亚洲综合服务中心经理一职。亚洲综合服务中心为计划前来芬洛地区开展商务活动,设立分公司的亚洲公司提供全方面的引导和支持服务。


亚洲综合服务中心(AFSC, Asian Full Service Center)成立于2012年初,旨在为前来芬洛投资的亚洲投资者们提供商务支持服务。亚洲综合服务中心由Maurice Beurskens先生引导创立并成功开始运作。Munckhof公司客户经理高佳川Jack将于91日接替Maurice的工作,兼任亚洲综合服务中心经理一职。对此,高先生表示:“是的,我将会同时兼任两份工作,这对于我个人和公司来讲都是一个双赢的选择。Munckhof公司的工作帮助我更好的融入了荷兰本地商圈,并在远东地区建立了更多人脉关系。Munckhof公司在过去的两年里一直与亚洲综合服务中心保持了紧密合作,我们会在此基础上继续努力,共同发展。”











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